194 cm, 104 kg
"XL is perfect for any kind of training, use it both for strength training and padel tennis. Classy shirt, I don't train in anything else"

- Frederik Gadeberg

193 cm, 101 kg
"XXL, it fits exactly as it should for my preferences, oversized, just delicious"

- Marius Berg

202 cm, 132 kg
"XXL, the clothes made in really good quality! Love the OLC brand and what they do! Highly recommended."

- Alexander

190 cm, 134 kg
"I use a 3XL and it is perfectly oversized for my slightly larger body"

- Aslak, Denmark's strongest man

202 cm, 125 kg
"I wear 3XL and it fits just as it should. Cool oversized look, and top delicious quality"

- Simon Olesen

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