The implementation

On November 25th 2022, we launched our Heavyweight and Midweight T-Shirts. The two shirts became the child of the questions:

  • What does the perfect oversized t-shirt look like?

  • Who is Oversized Lifting Club?

We came up with our take on the perfect oversized t-shirt. But our clothes had to help shape people's training in a positive direction. We knew very well that you couldn't necessarily lift more kilos if you wore our clothes, but we wanted to create a framework for a strengthened self-confidence in our customers' training sessions. We must be able to do more than just make clothes. That's why we're here for you who just love to train. It doesn't matter if you're world champion in your discipline or if you've just broken a PR of 60kg in the bench press. Oversized Lifting Club is for everyone.



We started with 1, and now we are 3 people in the team. Oversized Lifting Club is not and never will be a one-man effort. We know the value of community, and we would like to revolve around that even more.

We are created by the community . A community where the common denominator is passion and love for heavy iron. A community where good vibes are paramount. A community where we support each other.

We want to give back to the community. That is why we support and collaborate with the Body Dysmorphia Disorder Foundation (BDDF), which has become an important part of our existence.


The development

Oversized Lifting Club is constantly moving towards a higher and more perfect stage in our history. We are still a fresh brand, but we are here to stay.

Become a part of the journey and experience community, good vibes and passion for lifting.

- Frederik, Julius & Thomas

Young entrepreneurs dream of the world market: We don't just want to create a clothing brand, we want to create a community

That was the headline in an article that Odder Avis , Aarhus Stiftstidende and Horsens Folkeblad chose to publish in September 2023.

"I hope that one day we will get so far with our community that people just know when they see someone in our clothes that it is a guy or girl, with the values ​​in order, who is walking there"

– Julius Eggen, co-owner

Our approach to products